05 February 2007

William D. Drake - Yew's Paw

This album is out today.

29 August 2006

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5 June 2006

Coming soon: Yews Paw by William D. Drake

16 August 2005

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William D. Drake

William D. Drake

Our first release is Yews Paw by William D. Drake, an album of piano brilliance that is grandiose, melancholy, stirring, emotive, humourous, and complex.

  • Tracklisting:
  • Yew's Paw
  • Pipistrelle
  • Sylvie's Proof
  • Glassy I
  • Louisville
  • At the End of the Harbour Wall
  • Todonkin
  • Short And Sweet Like A Donkey's Gallop
  • Stone Carnation
  • Ubi Sum
  • Within My Skull
  • The Kissing Song
  • Ralspark

Yew's Paw, a cycle of 13 solo piano pieces, is a powerful expression of these colliding themes. Stylistically, its roots can be traced equally to Drake's classical training and his influential membership of Cardiacs. With Cardiacs he developed a style of ever-shifting key and time signatures, a twisted technique given a new emotional potency in these pieces. The moods of Yew's Paw shift from bar to bar as if tracing the cuts from scene to scene in a silent movie. It is by turns mesmeric, playful, strident, sombre and uplifting, often within a single piece, with diversions into percussive high dissonance reminiscent of Prokofiev, Hindemith and contemporary jazz.

From the lulling cycles of the title track to the fade out of 'Ralspark', Drake withholds resolution. With no sense of easy containment, each emotional line is left live and shifting, driving the listener's imagination. But these exotic concoctions are as rewarding as they are demanding. Contemporary composition free of any sense of generic boundary, Yew's Paw's peculiar bounty will delight confirmed fans and woo those yet to be.